Are you playing your Pure Power?

This work unveils greatness in extraordinary leaders. Developing self mastery & high vision for their leadership enables my clients to build businesses that stand out like Sirius in the pitch black night sky.

Oliver Villwock

Unveiling Greatness.

Greatness is at the core of human potential. We can create magnificent things in the world, and find fulfilment beyond what the mind comprehends as we connect to our essential nature, and actualize it in the world through precise and powerful action.

This, however, is often not what we have been taught. Greatness is hard to control, and thus, we have mostly been exposed to conditioning that takes us out of our power. I’ll take you back, and deeper.


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I am Oliver.

I’m a strategic partner, spiritual advisor and coach to high performing entrepreneurs and investors. We develop their high vision for life and legacy, cultivate self mastery and create businesses that stand out like black diamonds.

After a tragic event in my own life, I turned every stone to find deeper meaning. I quit my career as sales director in the financial industry to spend hundreds of days in solitary meditation, and have been pushing the envelope in my coaching practice ever since coming off the mountains.

This work is the culmination of my professional experience, my spiritual journey and my intense striving for excellence, and it delivers results. My clients have raised millions in funding for their companies, built and scaled six- and seven-figure businesses, fulfilled childhood dreams and saved marriages.

Do you know this feeling?

You’re performing at a high level, and people look up to you for guidance; and yet, you sense that you are just moving at 70% of your potential.

This intuition is a portal, inviting you to step up your game. You carry something precious inside, and it wants to be lived and actualized.

Let's carve a black diamond.

Choose your



Chad launched his new company and raised 2.3M USD in funding during our six months together.

“Hiring Oliver was one of the best decisions of my life. After the acquisition of Skubana, I needed a deep reset. I hired Oliver to help me uncover my own potential, discover my life purpose, and become the CEO of me. In the process, I got a deeper understanding of myself and the world, and learned to feel abundance in my natural state. Which led me to manifest what I want in life, manifest unshakable trust in myself, and use my intuition to align my actions with what’s true in my heart. Since then, I’ve become a better, more advanced, upgraded version of myself. (Chad 2.0) Cheers coaching me up to be the GOAT version of me.”

Chad Rubin
Serial Entrepreneur,

Marcella initiated a powerful repositioning of her business, with promising prospects.

“I was looking for a mentor to bring my very successful medical business to the next level. Oliver is an amazing coach who has the power to enable a client to reclaim their power of creation, get absolute clarity on his or her vision and necessary steps to be taken in lightning speed. He is truly able to hold space and enables the client to reclaim his or her power of creation. Already after our first call, I was crystal clear on my needs and desires and how to proceed with my business. Miracles started to happen out of the blue as new doors and amazing opportunities opened up, and a powerful upleveling and realignment of my whole business started to evolve.”

Marcella K.
Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur,

Azhar is in the process of launching his proprietary private equity fund.

"Oliver Villwock is a remarkable performance coach who I consider to be a young Tony Robbins. Working with Oliver has been an absolute game-changer in my life. His infectious energy, expertise, and unwavering support and guidance have helped me overcome obstacles, unleash my full potential, and reach new heights of success. He helped me unblock energy that was holding me back. He is also a master of motivation. Oliver's unique approach blends a deep understanding of human psychology with innovative techniques, resulting in breakthroughs that have surpassed my wildest expectations. I believe that Oliver is a rising star in the field of performance coaching, and a catalyst for extraordinary change. Thank you, Oliver, for supporting me on the road to success."

Azhar Quader
Managing Partner,

Vanya created a new roadmap for her services, sold out several retreats and crossed the 1M cumulative revenue mark in her business.

“Life is filled with many destined meetings. Some are designed to help you walk home to your destined path. Thank you Oliver, for being an incredible coach and holding a multidimensional container so I could keep growing and returning my business to my heart.”

Vanya SilverteN

Julia quantum leaped performance, and achieved a a personal best of a 21k month.

“Oliver is wonderful and I think he might be magical. Equally, he is practical and strategic. During the eight months that I worked with Oliver, I made more money than I ever thought was possible. It opened my mind to what was actually possible for me financially as a yoga and movement teacher who works exclusively online and primarily sells her offerings on Instagram. Oliver supported me during a challenging time in my life, while at the same time encouraging me to make the moves that needed to be made for my business and really for my life to thrive. I am thrilled for anyone who has the chance to work with Oliver and experience his precise and powerful gifts at the intersection of business savvy and deep wisdom.”

Julia Eda-Shemesh
Movement Medicine and Yoga Teacher,

R. doubled her six-figure business in the first six months of working together.

C. restructured his role as CEO, initiated a seven-figure fundraise, outperformed investor expectations and doubled his personal compensation.

G. 3x his six-figure restaurant business within one year after working together and establishing a new vision.

M. created a multi six-figure service business from scratch within 18 months of working together.